May 31, 2023
21 years is one year anniversary of relationship breakup

21 years is one year anniversary of relationship breakup

21 years is one year anniversary of relationship breakup

Lionel Messi moved to Camp Nou in a tissue paper deal. The subsequent history is known to all.

The Catalans have brought home one title after another with his hands.

But due to the mistakes of former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the debt-ridden club was forced to say goodbye to the best footballer in its history at Camp Nou.

On August 5 last year, Messi had to break his 21-year relationship with Barca by wiping his tear-soaked eyes with tissue paper.

On August 5, 2021, Lionel Messi, the best footballer in the history of Barcelona, ​​at the Camp Nou press conference.

After hundreds of rumours, fans were finally hopeful, the Argentine star was signing a new contract with the club.

But to everyone’s surprise, Messi appeared to say goodbye.

Due to Corona, Messi did not appear in front of the fans and say goodbye.

The news of the 21-year-long love affair with the club has to be reported within four walls.

  • At the time of farewell, Messi said to the supporters in a tearful voice, “This is the most difficult moment of my career.”
  • When they told me that contract renewal was not possible, I froze. I am very sad, I did not expect this.’
  • He added, “I tried to stay, the club and the president of the club tried, we did everything, but because of a rule in La Liga we couldn’t go any further.”
  • I said that I did not want to stay last year, I also said that I wanted to stay this time.
  • Messi had to leave Barca mainly due to La Liga’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ rules.
  • The debt burdened by the mistake of the former president Bartomeu, the club could not renew the contract with Messi after breaking this rule.
  • However, the star also expressed his desire to reduce his salary by half to stay with the club.
  • A statement on Barcelona’s website at the time said,
  • “After Messi expressed his desire to stay in the team and the two parties confirmed the signing of a new contract,
  • it is not possible due to the La Liga players’ registration law.”
  • In such a situation, Messi is no longer with the club.

Both parties are very sorry to say that it is not possible to fulfill Messi’s desire to play at the club

21 years is one year anniversary of relationship breakup

  • Messi then said, ‘I never thought I would have to leave like this. I will remember everyone here.
  • Nothing compares to the love I got here. I didn’t have my audience at the farewell, it was painful for me,
  • I wanted to say goodbye to the people at the whole Nou Camp.’
  • Messi left Camp Nou and joined French club PSG on a free transfer fee.
  • Where he is weaving new dreams.
  • The Argentine star, who won 4 Champions League titles with Barca,
  • now wants PSG to win the title of Europe’s best club competition.
  • Meanwhile, Barca’s current president, Juan Laporta, wants Messi back at Camp Nou.

Last week he said, Messi’s Barca chapter is not over yet. Argentina wants to bring the superstar back to Camp Nou.

“We are morally indebted to Messi,” said Laporta.

I want Messi’s playing career to end wearing the Barcelona jersey, listening to the applause in every stadium.

Messi’s current contract with PSG runs until 2023. After that, the Barca-Messi relationship may need to be re-paired.

Catalans dream of seeing him again at Camp Nou.