May 31, 2023
As many qualities as discarded onion peels.

As many qualities as discarded onion peels.

As many qualities as discarded onion peels.

Add onions to season meat or other dishes. Many put onion first in the list of spices. To use onions, you must peel them thinly. Onion peels thrown away as garbage can be used in many ways.

Nutritionist of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Jahanara Akhter Sumi said about the properties of onion peel, just like onion has many nutritional properties, onion peel is also rich in nutrients.

Because onion skin contains vitamin A C which is a powerful anti-oxidant. So onion peel has an anti-inflammatory role. Has anti-fungal properties that prevent stomach and intestinal diseases.

Onion peel removes constipation by ensuring good stomach health due to its high fiber content. If you drink its juice or tea, harmful toxic substances are released from the body. This nutritionist said that it also plays a role in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

To make hair black

Onion peel is used to blacken white hair. First fry the pods in a pan on low flame. Then grind the peels. Now mix aloe vera juice or good quality coconut oil with the powder.

Now use it on your hair as desired. Onions and their peels are rich in sulphur, which helps in hair growth. Apart from this, regular use of water made from onion skin makes hair black and thick.

Cure itching

Onion has medicinal properties. Onion peels are also full of goodness. Onion peels have anti-fungal properties, which can relieve itching.

For this, put onion peel in water and boil it well. Then cool the water and fill it in a bottle. Apply this water on the skin every day, it will get relief from the problem of itching in the affected area.

to cure pain

If you are suffering from leg pain and muscle cramps, you can drink onion peel tea to get rid of these problems. For this, put onion peel in 1 glass of water and boil for 15 minutes, then filter the water.

You can also add honey to the tea at this time if you want. Consuming onion peel tea every night before going to bed can get rid of leg pain.

Onion peel works great as a fertilizer. Can be used directly at the base of the plant. Many times the leaves die as a result of insect attack on the plant. To solve this problem, powder onion peel and mix it with water and spray it will get benefits.