May 31, 2023
Barcelona accepted responsibility for Messi's separation

Barcelona accepted responsibility for Messi's separation

Barcelona accepted responsibility for Messi’s separation

It was once unthinkable that Barcelona’s relationship with Lionel Messi could ever end. The unthinkable happened last year.

When Messi-Barca’s two-decade relationship ended in August last year, a ‘shock wave’ went through the football world.

La Liga’s violation of the rules was a direct reason for Messi’s departure from Barca. However, behind the scenes,

Barca president Juan Laporta not subjected to any less blame. This time, the head of Barcelona himself took the responsibility of releasing Messi.

He said that the partial responsibility for losing Messi is also on his shoulders.

A year is approaching since leaving Messi. Just before that, Barcelona started thinking about bringing him back again.

Recently, Laporta himself informed the matter. Then the Spanish sports daily Sport reported that coach Xavi wants Messi to return to Barca soon.

Barca president Laporta once again said loudly that he wants to bring back the Argentine superstar.

Laporta recently participated in a UNHCR event in the United States on behalf of the club. After that he faced the journalists. Questions about Messi’s return to Barca  directed at him.

  • In response to that question, he said, “We are morally indebted to Messi.” I want Messi’s playing career to end wearing the Barcelona jersey, listening to the applause in every stadium.
  • He then said that in his opinion, he is also partially responsible for letting Messi go. He said, “This is my strong desire.
  • The way Messi’s relationship with Barca ended, I see myself as a bit responsible. However, the matter of returning him still stuck in the fence. And we can make it a reality. Such is our desire.
  • Earlier, on July 24, Laporta blamed the release of Messi on Barca’s financial situation. He said, ‘As I came into charge of the club in the financial situation,

something like that would have happened. However, the position of the club is much higher than the coaches and players.

In that interview, the Barca president also said, ‘I think, I hope, Messi’s Barca chapter is not over. And I think it is our responsibility to bring some good moments to this chapter,

which  not closed yet, so that the chapter gets a deserved ending. Let it be better than the way it seems to have ended.’🔱