May 31, 2023
China-US relations are going to take a dire shape

China-US relations are going to take a dire shape

China-US relations are going to take a dire shape

Experts fear that Sino-US relations could take a more dire turn if tensions over Taiwan escalate. On Wednesday (August 3), US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan called China’s military exercises irresponsible.

He said this in the wake of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Sullivan also fears that the situation could get out of control due to China’s actions.

  • In an interview given to National Public Radio, Jack Sullivan said, “We think China is acting irresponsibly in this regard.”
  • Sullivan said several incidents are likely as the series of exercises involving the Chinese military begins. The series of exercises are likely to include missile tests, live firing, air-to-air and naval exercises.
  • Sullivan also said, “We expect China’s responsible actions to avoid tensions in this regard.” Because, because of this tension, something wrong can happen in the air or sea. He called on Beijing to reduce the tension in the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing launched military exercises around the country on Wednesday (Aug 3) in retaliation for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Pelosi, second in line to become US president, has already left Taiwan.

Beijing considers Pelosi’s visit as a major threat, and a series of strong threats have been made by China to prevent Pelosi from visiting.

Meanwhile, after Pelosi left Taiwan, the country’s defense minister said on Wednesday (August 3) night that 27 Chinese warplanes had entered the island nation’s air defense detection zone.

For more than two years, Beijing has stepped up military operations in Taiwan’s A zone.

💨However, it is unclear how Taiwan and the US will respond to China’s response. Professor Todd Hall, director of Oxford University’s China Center, said,

“My main concern is that Washington (the United States) will not sit idly by as Beijing (China) takes action.” As a result, tension can increase in a two-way reaction.

💨In an article written in the Washington Post, Nancy Pelosi said, “When China threatens Taiwan and the country’s democracy, we cannot sit idly by.”

💨It is reported that a delegation of British MPs will also visit Taiwan later this year, when fears will intensify.

According to Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Woodrow Wilson Center,

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will not bring stability to the US-China relationship, nor will it serve US interests. It will not even increase the security of the people of Taiwan.🔱