May 31, 2023
Hrithik's ex-wife is on the verge of marriage

Hrithik's ex-wife is on the verge of marriage

Hrithik’s ex-wife is on the verge of marriage

Sussanne Khan ended her marriage with Bollywood superstar Hrithik several years ago.

Now the two paths are different.

In the meantime, Hrithik and Suzanne have found their hearts.

Suzanne Khan has been dating Arsalan Goni for years.

The two are going to travel together.

  • According to the insider of tinsel town, the marriage will be done very soon.
  • Both Suzanne and Arsalan are sure they want to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • And so both of them have the idea of ​​marriage.
  • Sujan is also ready for second marriage.
  • But they want to make the marriage very simple.
  • There will be no fanfare. In fact, this is the way to get married in Bollywood.
  • News Hindustan Times.

Arsalan and Suzanne went to California in July this year

Hrithik's ex-wife is on the verge of marriage

At that time, Suzanne shared several pictures of the two on her Instagram account.

Suzanne shared a video of Suzanne-Arsalan’s love amidst the beautiful nature in California,

and captioned it, ‘I don’t know what you’re told…but time flies.’

So spend this precious time wisely.

Missing you already Sweetheart California. Thank you for giving us the best summer ever’.

Sussanne and Hrithik tied the knot in 2000. They got separated in 2014 after 14 years of marriage.

But they have friendship.

The son’s responsibility has also been equally shouldered.

Even during the Corona lockdown in 2020, they were together under the same roof for a month.