May 31, 2023
Just find 5 butterflies in the garden

Just find 5 butterflies in the garden

Just find 5 butterflies in the garden!

Multiple puzzles have been garnering attention across social media. Many people are practically competing to solve the complexity of the puzzle. The competition is about how much time a puzzle can be solved with the sharpness of vision and intellect. In the meantime, a new puzzle has arrived on a page named ‘Gargle’s Dudas’.

Not much of a puzzle. You have to find 5 butterflies in the garden full of flowers in this picture. Not just finding out. How much time you can do it depends on your talent, vision and sharpness of mind. Then 3-4 friends start this puzzle solving competition.

What is the picture saying – First you have to take a good look at the picture. It appears that a bear is sitting quite happily in a flower garden. The bear also has colorful bands on its head. Many people started their search from here but did not find the fifth butterfly in the end.

Just find 5 butterflies in the garden

This post appeared on social media on August 13. It got 450 responses, 110 shares. A large portion of the page’s 1.6 million followers looked at the puzzle.

Solution – Do not look at the bear! Butterflies are on the other side. There are three on the bear’s left side, and two on the right side. Now tell me, without this help, in how much time would you have found 5 butterflies?