May 31, 2023
Kohli is ready to show his best

Kohli is ready to show his best

Kohli is ready to show his best

What happens when you take yourself to such a height as a batsman! If you get runs, you will be discussed, if you don’t get runs, it will be more.

That is what is happening now with Virat Kohli.

Why is he not getting runs, how can he return to runs, various views of Muni.

Some say that there is no place for Kohli in the current Indian team.

Some say that Kohli will be India’s trump card in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

  • Kohli’s last Test century was in November 2019, against Bangladesh in Kolkata.
  • It was his last century in international cricket.
  • A century in ODIs was also earlier, against the West Indies at Port of Spain in August that year.
  • With a batting average of 50 in his Test career, he has scored just 31 runs in this edition in the last 12 months.
  • A career ODI batting average of 57.68, while in the last 12 months he has averaged just 21.87 in ODIs.
  • The same picture in T20s is 24 in the last 12 months against a career average of 50.
  • It is understood that one of the best batsmen of his generation is having the worst time of his career.
  • He has not scored a century in international cricket for three years, and has not been able to play an effective innings for a year.
  • By repeating mistakes, he is giving wickets repeatedly.

He was a shadow of himself in the last IPL

Kohli is ready to show his best

At this time, when everyone has joined the Kohli-practice, why should Brian Lara remain silent! He himself is one of the best batsmen of all time.

And one of the best has to understand the “psychology” of the best of another!

What do you think about the all-time legendary West Indian batsman Kohli? Has he seen the end of Kohli? Answer – Not at all.

On the contrary, Lara feels that this ‘bad time’ will teach Kohli a lot, “I respect Kohli a lot as a player.

He will come back a better batsman after this bad period.

This Rankha will teach him a lot.

He didn’t run out.’

Indian cricket fans will surely want Lara’s words to come true. Asia Cup ahead, then T20 World Cup.

The rhythm Kohli will find in these two tournaments is a great thing.