May 31, 2023
Messi vs Ramos: La Liga's two arch-rivals meet

Messi vs Ramos: La Liga's two arch-rivals meet

Messi vs Ramos: La Liga’s two arch-rivals meet

They were both important members of the two La Liga arch-rival clubs. Where one was the mainstay of the team’s attack, the other was the leader of the defense.

Talking about Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos. Messi has lost count of the number of times he has  left blue in pain  Ramos’ hard tackles.

  • Likewise, this Argentine did not dance less than Ramos. But now the two are on the same path. And the hostility has now changed to friendship.
  • Messi scoring a goal and Ramos hugging him to celebrate the goal – such a scene could not have  imagined by anyone. But this is the reality now.
  • This was  on the night of PSG’s title win against Nantes in the Trophy do Champions match.
  • PSG started the season with a 4-0 win over Nantes to win the Trophie do Champion. Messi scored PSG’s first goal in that match.

Ramos also scored a great goal on the backhill. Neymar scored a pair of goals. And in celebrating every goal, two once-enemy footballers showed great heart.

This is the new Messi-Ramos after the crazy rivalry of Real Madrid-Barcelona.

In 2021, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos left Madrid and settled in Paris. Messi is playing in the giants of the French league.

The destinies of the two stars, the arch-rivals of La Liga, coincided at one point. As a result of playing together, friendship has  forged between the two, so one does not hesitate to praise the other.

Ramos  impressed with Lionel Messi after spending a season in the same dressing room.

Ramos impressed to play with Messi. Once saw the Argentine star from the enemy camp. Even then, Messi  not considered one of the best.

Playing in the same team, so Daraz praised Messi. Messibandana in the voice of Ramos after winning the trophy.

“It’s an honor to have Messi as a teammate,” he told the media on the night of the title celebration. He doesn’t need to praised, he earns the praise with his own game. Hopefully, he will continue to play like this.’

Last season, Messi was not in a familiar rhythm. The former star of Barcelona has spent the season of League One in a great goal.

He also saw the defeat against Real Madrid in the Champions League from the field. Ramos, on the other hand, spent time out of the field due to injury.

So they didn’t play much together. But outside the field, the chemistry of the two has accumulated. Ramos wants to play as many matches as possible in the new season.


Meanwhile, the new season of League One is underway. PSG will play against Claremont on August 6.🔱