May 31, 2023
New Zealand lifted all restrictions after 2020

New Zealand lifted all restrictions after 2020

New Zealand lifted all restrictions after 2020

New Zealand has reopened after a long period of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand’s borders have been fully reopened to visitors from around the world for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak on Monday (August 1).

Earlier, the country’s borders were completely closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Reuters reported this information in a report on Monday.

According to the report, New Zealand’s borders were opened to New Zealand citizens from the beginning of February this year and the restrictions have been gradually relaxed over time.

  • Reuters says the border reopening process was completed last night and those requiring visas and those on student visas are now being allowed to return to New Zealand.
  • In addition, New Zealand now allows foreign recreational yachts, including cruise ships, to anchor in its ports.
  • However, most tourists are required to have a certificate of corona vaccination to enter New Zealand and must undergo two covid tests upon arrival in the country.
  • But there is no condition of quarantine.
  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the final phase of border opening a huge moment during a speech at the China Business Summit in Auckland on Monday.

He said, ‘We are fighting this global pandemic to keep our people safe along with the rest of the world


New Zealand lifted all restrictions after 2020

We have implemented the task of opening the border through a careful process since last February.

International students make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy

and education officials now hope the reopening of borders will once again boost the country’s schools and universities, Reuters said.

New Zealand Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said the return of foreign pleasure yachts, including cruise ships, to New Zealand ports would also be encouraging for local industries.

He added, “Most cruise visits occur during the warmer months of October to April, and summer is our overall bumper tourist season.

” That means it will be absolutely good for the industry.”