May 31, 2023
The water of the river boiling deep in the Amazon

The water of the river boiling deep in the Amazon

The water of the river boiling deep in the Amazon!

A mysterious river has been found deep in the Peruvian Amazon. The river swallows everything that falls into it. To the Incas, that river was the stream of the sun god. They named this stream ‘Shanay Timpiskha’.

But it was unknown for many years how the water of this river always boils. Like many others, Andre Ruzzo had heard of this river in folklore. Young Andre thought that when he grows up, he will solve the mystery of this river. Ten years later, Peru’s son Andre went to Texas. To graduate from Southern Methodist University. The subject was, Geophysics. During the course, Andre’s childhood dreams came back to him. Geothermal features spread across Peru astounded him. Andre realizes that the boiling river exists. That river boils in the heat of the earth’s interior. Andre went on an expedition to central Peru in November 2011 to unravel the mystery with his own eyes. Pukalpa is the nearest town to Shanaya Timpiskha River. Andre’s journey started from there.

Two hours by car, one hour by motorized canoe followed by another few hours trekking through the thick Amazon mud. After that, the boiling river was seen. But at the last moment there is also an obstacle. Mayantuaku village is near the river. The priests of that village do not allow outsiders to go near the river. Because they use the water of that river as medicine. Andre convinced the local priest or shaman by burning a lot of wood. Permission to approach Millal River. The priest sent his representative with him. The six-mile-long river is surrounded on all sides by a green wall of thick trees. The maximum depth of the river is up to 16 feet. Like a hot spring, it has flowed out of its own accord through a gap in the rock.

After completing his journey, he joined the Amazon.

The water of the river boiling deep in the Amazon

The maximum temperature of the river water reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Andre saw charred bodies of animals drifting down the smoky, boiling stream. Although rare, there are still boiling rivers in the world. The nearest active volcano is 400 km from the Timpiskha River in the foothills of the Amazon. How is the water of this river boiling? According to Andre and his co-researchers, the cause is the temperature of the subsurface. According to them, there are many cracks in the rocky terrain deep in the Peruvian Amazon forest. Rainwater enters the ground through it. After that, the stream again rises above the surface. Then its temperature increases several hundred times. That is, the reaction of the geothermal or hydrothermal cycle is the secret of the boiling river. Andre wrote about his experience in the book ‘The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon’. His appeal is to stop logging in the Amazon rainforest to save the wonder of the boiling river.